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CRI group was founded in the year 2017 in Costa Rica as an offshore solution for the Real Estate Investor sector in the USA by an experienced and dedicated team. We exclusively provide marketing & lead generation deliverables for investors seeking premium leads with a high lead to contract percentage.CRI works closely with it’ high level of service and a consistent pipeline of potential home sellers..

We understand the frustrations of most REI clients because other offshore solutions simply do not understand the market or general mentality of homeowners which leads to submissions that are either invalid or do not meet the parameters of the investor’s acquisition requirements.

CRI is able to avoid these pitfalls using our unique training methods to ensure our staff is able to hold their own and have a conversation that presents themselves as an authority of knowledge.

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CRI is working towards being a one stop shop for all REI needs and outsourcing solutions. We aim to add more to our capabilities in the future to assist investors with their acquisition efforts. we envision of cultivating long term relations with our clients based on transparency and profitability.

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At CRI, we are a one-stop shop when it comes to lead generation. All we ask of our real estate investors is that they provide us with at least 10,000 records per agent per months and multiple numbers after skiptracing.

We provide the agent, the script, the training, the quality assurance. We have someone constantly monitoring your agent to ensure that they are not wasting the leads and are following the script. We can use podio Web form to submit your leads Normally or anything you See fit

To ensure success in your campaign, we monitor the contact percentage of the data that we are calling. Our clients provide us new data each month. If we notice that your contact percentage has dropped below a certain percentage within the month, one of our operation managers will be reaching out to you to collect a new list as soon as possible. Xencall Dials up to 12 numbers at a time

Through advanced technology, proven quality control methods, and refined scripting, we have provided our clients with a turn-key solution to generating consistently motivated seller leads through telemarketing. All of your agents are fulltime (We do not offer Part time) and we do our best to ensure that you are getting 45 hours per week. There are some weeks that will vary either higher or lower but you are only billed on actual hours dialed. Your bills will vary based on the actual hours dialed for that particular week.

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We Have The Best Experts To Elevate Your Business.

At the CRI, We are always striving to prove ourselves and given the recent expansions, it has given us the ability to allocate talent and extend more services and refine what we currently have to offer. Our goal is to curate our services according to your business needs, becoming essentially an extension of your business.

As a solutions firm, we aim to facilitate improved applications and methodologies to your business services that will increase your profit margin. Most importantly our top priority is your growth as a business our success is measured by yours.

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